Sunday, 19 June 2022

Geoff Rushton


"I'm enjoying playing with this hollow form concept, leaving solid sections and carving forms in the interior adds a huge amount of scope ripe fir exploration! This is my most recent one and my favourite so far, made from a piece of local wind-fallen beech wood." Geoff Rushton 


Thursday, 9 June 2022

Lucy Mulholland I

‘Meeting place’, a second hand dinning set re-purposed as a bee hotel by sculptor Lucy Mulholland.

"Lucy has explored relationships between humans and species regarded as ‘companions’ and contrasts this with species considered as ‘pests’, and the implications of such distinctions. Her work explores the boundary between ‘wildness’ and ‘domesticity’ and the misunderstandings and shortcomings we encounter when we try to adapt ‘human spaces’ to facilitate their use by other species. "ECA

Monday, 16 May 2022

Steven Bartlet

'Material and process is at the heart of the work of Maine sculptor Steve Bartlett. Using a self taught construction technique, he assembles individually steam bent sections of wood, adding one piece to the next by hand. Starting with a specific shape in mind, intuition and the characteristics inherent in wood determine the evolution of the work. Suggestive of nature and the human body, his pieces emerge as substantial and well considered, intentional and enigmatic.' Steven Bartlet


Sunday, 15 May 2022

Friday, 13 May 2022

Krank Marcello


Krank Marcello's work crosses genres, it is theatre, puppetry, design, woodwork and poetry having a delicacy of light, shadow and observation, they have that magic of captured moments in nature.