Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Alice Marie Cairns

Also from the Duncan and Jordanstone College of Art degree show was the work of Alice Marie Cairns who has graduated in silversmithing. In creating remarkable vessel forms Alice has also had to make 'tools' that resembled spinning tops.
"Within my body of work, I have designed and created a collection of contemporary vessels, which I hope to be aesthetically and functionally stimulating. Creating a tactile collection, derived from the hands on the making process that is so important to me. Through my designing of various vessel shapes that are not necessarily seen as conventional but hopefully adventurous and challenging I hope that I have been able to push the boundaries of silversmithing. With this challenge, I had to design every aspect of my making process including tool making which has become a prevalent part of my work." Alice Marie Cairns 

Monday, 29 May 2017

Ken Bambury

At the weekend on the last possible day, I caught the annual degree show of graduating students from Duncan and Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee. 
There is no furniture department or specific woodwork department in any of Britains universities anymore, this has left in my mind a great void in the understanding of the possibilities of wood as an incredible medium for design. #
Ken Bambury has just graduated from Dundee's Duncan and Jordanstone College of Art, in Fine Art, part of his display which is rooted in the enjoyment of the environment and it's flora and fauna were these flutes made from invasives species Japanese Knot Weed. The flutes were designed as an adaptation of Native American Flutes, they make a beautiful sound and I loved the way that Ken had used the woody stems of this pernicious weed and highlighted the environmental impact and the effect of human activities on our wild places.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Anna Quentin

Anna Quentin is a product designer living and working in Berlin. this is her design Wipp.
"The bench is like a puzzle. Every piece fits to another. It becomes strong when everything is on its place. Like the members of a family are all taking certain places. Holding together is what makes them strong. To get the bench rocking, you need to find the same rhythm." Anna Quentin

Monday, 1 May 2017

Phebos Xenakis I

There are problem that most people don't think about, and then there are those who notice and create a solution. Phebos Xenakis noticed the problem, that when visiting cafes and restaurants that there is rarely anywhere to put your belongings.
His solution 'TRAPESI' is made from oak with a steel brace that has curved joints with the legs that curl in a hook for you to wedge or hang items.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Mike Kann II

Muybridge inspired chairs by Mike Kann evoking fairytale images of furniture taking off on its own adventures.
"A range of chairs inspired by the animal study photographs of Eadward Muybridge, the most famous series of which was the movement of horses and which developed into one of the earliest forms of animation. The positions of the chair’s legs are influenced by the photographs Muybridge took in the 1870’s, which led to a range of chairs that are a physical animation of key frames." Mike Kann
This series s constructed from Scottish birch wood and clear acrylic. 

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Mike Kann I

'In praise of shadows' by London based designer Mike Kann constructed of laminated Malaysian ply. This is a collection of three pieces inspired by iconic chairs from different eras; a Louis XVI Medallion chair, Thonet’s Model 14 Bentwood chair and Jacobsen’s Ant chair. These pieces are extruded silhouettes creating a simplified form making the familiar forms of these classic pieces of furniture into something new, yet strangely familiar.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Blackcreek Merchants

Style, design and quality sing out from Joshua Vogel's 'Blackcreek Merchant's' products. Joshua created Blackcreek Merchants in New York, as a way to explore the possibilities of small scale product and furniture design. Seeking to reconnect craftsmen and women with great design and materials and in turn forge a unique connection with their customers.