Thursday, 12 January 2017


Gerpied is a young Fench furniture maker and carpenter now living in Estonia. These three stools were hand made using local ash and feature beautiful joints.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Mikko Hannula

It is notoriously difficult to photograph furniture in an exhibition so I was glad to find Mikko Hanula's furniture represented online. This is his digital reimagining of a Windsor chair  creating a faceted metal chair from a 3D scan, which is currently on display as part of the annual VAS 2016 exhibition Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh as part of until Dec 27th.

"This project started as a thesis research project. I was trying to find out what kind of things people cherish in their homes and for what reasons. More than 50 % of all the respondents I interviewed mentioned memories as a reason for cherishing their special possessions. Although personal memories tend to evolve in time through different occasions and experiences, it is possible to make everyday objects to preserve history. Furniture designs like the Windsor chair are becoming relics in the eyes of the younger generation and they desperately need some updating to become appealing again in our digital age. From a manufacturing point of view this sort of digital translation opens up whole new possibilities and market opportunities for traditional products," Mikko Hannula

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Aymeric Renoud 'Draff'

Aymeric Renoud has developed a unique and sustainable product 'Draff' from waste from Scotland's breweries and distilleries. Wet barley from the mashing process is dried and then combined with a natural binding agent, under pressure, to create a sustainable composite able to be used in furniture making. Draff furniture is on display at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh as part of VAS 2016 until Dec 27th.

This product development is supported by Duncan of Jordanston College of Art and Design and St Andrews Brewing Company.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Henry Swanzy

Bareppa Table by Henry Swanzy is immensely clever and stylish with five components it is very quick to assemble and is held together with tension. Henry Swanzy launched his studio in 2013, it is based in Falmouth after spending over 20 years creating bespoke furniture he now runs this design house making furniture using wood as its main component.

"My designs aspire to find elegance and beauty in both function and in material combinations. I love simple solutions that work in harmony with the materials. Every design goes through rigorous prototyping, with small modifications made with every developed version. Details are scrutinized and comfort and practicality assessed and tweaked until we reach what we feel is the perfect solution." Henry Swanzy

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Matthieu Marcola

Matthieu Marcola is a French artist and illustrator who sometimes takes two dimensional work into three dimensions creating sculptures and lamps from recycled wood. Mattieu's work is wonderfully inventive, creative and fun. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

George Peterson II

The aesthetic that George Peterson has is mind blowing. George started refashioning old skateboards and making them into almost tribal artifacts, beautiful reincarnations of the skateboards George himself loves to use. Here George has made an Maple platter and then painted it in this bold concentric design, and the base is just as beautiful as the top, visible, surface. George is a master of creating surface design and interest in wood effects that would be fantastic applied to furniture.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Leonardo Drew

Leonardo Drew's sculptures look as though they are created from found and salvaged materials, but they're not, they are new and all are carefully aged using a multitude of processes. Leonardo's works are like excavated layers of earth, they are assemblages that resemble archeological samples, time travel, sectional strata arranged to create contemplation and understanding.