Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sopheap Pich I

Sopheap Pitch made his first Rattan, bamboo and wire sculpture in 2004, he was a painter and has, since 2005, never returned to paint as a medium.

"Painting was not enough, I was too concerned with making an image on a limited space. To create a three-dimensional object from the beginning to the end is to take a journey, to discover something new, without erasing the footsteps, the evidence." Sopheap Pitch.

Sopheap started by making human organ forms, then other organic natural forms and then created sculptures about culture. Sopheap Pitch had to flee Cambodia in 1979 and his memories of this turbulent time are very strong lately his works have been expressions of the socio-political conditions in Cambodia. he is a very interesting artist his spacial sculpture are beautiful, thought provoking and I hope inspiring.


  1. Extraordinary, architectural, fragile and strong at the same time

  2. j'aime et je suis curieuse d'en voir davantage !