Monday, 23 July 2012

Nic Webb

‘I am passionate about working with wood. It is a natural material that is both ethical and sustainable to use. I work with a combination of traditional tools and modern methods to achieve hand crafted objects of contemporary art and design.’
‘I love to work with green wood (fresh living wood) because of its malleability. It can twist and move in the process of seasoning, creating wonderful natural surprises. It allows great freedom in my making and designs can evolve from the unique nature of every piece of wood I choose.’ 
When I begin carving I look for the differing qualities in each piece, allowing the grain and character to influence the design. Each spoon or bowl evolves to have its own personality, and, when finished, becomes a showcase for the limitless beauty of wood.’ Nic Webb

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! My friend has started making spoons and gave me one and it feels so lovely in the hand - although I'm tempted to hang it on the wall!