Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Neulhae Cho 'Chairman'

The forgotten space beneath the chair is considered in this fun design by Neulhae Cho: "

"Usually the space under the seat of a chair is not used but I thought of how this space could be maximized. Not only will this be a space that people can sit on, but it shows a different image from the usual form of a chair by its exaggerated shape.When you see a chair, you see that the seat and legs sustain the weight, but on this work this does not matter. Because of the bottom seat which makes it look like it is hanging in the air. So I tried to give off a different and unique feeling from its shape and when you sit on.
A chair is not only a simple furniture with the sole function of sitting on, but it also shows the owner’s rank in society or character. Because of this and the exaggerated shape of the chair, I named it 'Chairman'." Neulhae Cho

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