Saturday, 18 May 2013

Lina Marie Koppen Dough Roll / Placebo Object

Lina Marie Koppen has taken a domestic utensil created to make a task easy and perfect (a rolling pin) and has put the hand made back into it, by making her roller recreate the pattern of hand pressed pastry, undoing the invention to make us think.

Placebo Object - 'Most of the tools that we have created to extent the basic human rather disable then enable. It means that every extension that is supposed to make us gain some sort of ability restrain us in many other aspects. We passively interact with objects surrounding us, leaving behind cautious and conscious interaction, that require time, strength, and sometimes the feeling of our finger tips. The interesting part about these kind of objects is the fact that their imperfect function decreases the distress that some of those object cause by their daily routine. So though their imperfection they actually help the user to have an healthy interaction and therefore achievement. Therefore I am interested in creating objects that suggest archetypical shapes and archetypical behaviour, but offer something else. The pretending objects force man into ones original performance language, as if man would not use a tool at all. Therefore it forces the user to rethink the necessity of the tool. Maybe it could be something to pass on and therefore help others to unlearn as well.' Lina Marie Koppen

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