Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Plant and Moss

The 'odd couple bench' by Plant and Moss.
Plant and Moss is a creative design studio founded by James Plant and James Moss in 2009, which has its own collection as well as collaborating and working with industry. They are incredibly successful and have a wonderful ethos about how they work, who they work with and where they source their wood please read more here.

'Odd couples bench relates to human characteristics, personifying the quirky couples at restaurants that sit next to each other instead of opposite. The contrasting backs represent the different characters that are to grace the seats. Carefully selected backs from times gone by pay homage to Ercol. Not just for couples, do you jump in first…or offer a place? Made in Ash they take into consideration the time honoured style and quality of English produced turning and chair making'. Plant and Moss

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