Monday, 18 November 2013

Richard Keal

Richard Keal's furniture tries to capture the joy of nature and it's imperfections and quirks. In seeking to grasp these qualities he tries to secure the beauty in the wood not all finishing it to uniformity but fixing the imperfection the texture and making this part of the design for his unique individual pieces.
"To me making is a conversation between material and myself. I am open to the use of any material that seems appropriate to the situation; the material is not my starting point. However I am in the process of a long relationship with wood and one that at this moment in time seems to be of endless possibility. Sometimes my starting point is simply to make a chair - a piece of furniture that is in itself profound; a resting place for thought." Richard Keal
 Richard and his wife Barbara were featured by Anthropologie in their own gallery space at the Rockerfeller Center. Richards work is constructed mainly from salvaged wood from his home county of Sussex.

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