Sunday, 27 April 2014

Doug Cocker III

On Friday night I was fortunate to attend the inaugural opening of the Tatha Gallery in Newport on Tay to see the work of Doug Cocker RSA. Doug Cocker is a sculptor who's work I have featured here before. Doug's works often collage different woods, textures and finishes, they are very tactile and it was interesting to see how many people reached out to touch the sculpture in the bottom picture with its raised stone like shape.
Doug Cocker also produces lots of drawings as part of his working practice, his drawings and sketchbooks are rich places for his imagination to run wild without the restraints and practicality of the three dimensional media.

"Drawing, for me, is speculation. It’s an activity that runs parallel to making but provides opportunity to express thoughts and feelings in a way that’s impossible in the more measured procedures involved in making sculpture. Most of my drawings are made in A3 sketchbooks – test beds for ideas and techniques but also an indispensable memory store. They provide opportunity for fast, spontaneous and often undisciplined output which is a welcome relief after hands-on making which can be slow, trying and sometimes even tedious." Doug Cocker 

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