Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Lisa Hilland

Beautiful clean designs by Lisa Hilland.
“In order to prolong the life cycle of products I am looking to natural materials,
traditional production techniques, and craftsmanship for inspiration. My starting point for a project can be solving a challenge of practical or emotional nature, or simply exploring a technique of crafts or manufacture that fascinates me. The use of materials is crucial; I am constantly experimenting with the qualities of materials, making use of them in new combinations, and looking at how they can be applied to an object.

My aim is to create products that are sensitive to human emotions and needs, as well as the environment. I design for longevity in terms of quality, function, and aesthetics;
products that will be loved by one generation and then passed on to the next.
The creative process itself is another inspiration and the state of mind I'm in when working. Each project has its own unique progress, as important to me as the finished result. Enjoying the process and exploring new areas of knowledge, I believe is the key to all good design!”
Lisa Hilland

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  1. Hi Hazel, I've just come across your blog and wondered whether you might be interested in featuring a piece on a Scottish based business, called Loch ness Furniture who create beautiful library chairs . Regular hand carved wooden reading chairs that extend out into ladders to reach the higher shelves. Having seen this post, I thought that might be right up your street?