Saturday, 5 July 2014

Christian Renonciat II

"Cardboard is a fascinating material that cats, children and the homeless have always been recognized: it is the best body mirrors, which it refers, intact, its heat; it has the sweetness of bis papers which it is made, and soft and warm color of light wood.

This is not all: these properties, combined with a miraculous strength, resulting from the successful marriage of material and geometry: the paper and waving (sinusoid). This is a unique material, a pure product of human genius, half flesh half idea. The industry has made us all the subtleties, choosing varieties of paper for each layer of cardboard (inside softer, stronger outside, etc..), Varying the wavelength waves superimposed paper for that no weakness resulting from repetition.

And me, I delight, I lose myself in this subtlety that I discovered in the transcribing, I understand in the dissecting. Because of the time that is an order moment, and slip by which one is lost, out of scale in a piece of cardboard, there is sometimes even in these moments of the workshop (in because of the music, too), great joys of travel to Lewis Carroll. The carton is then like a little Chinese lacquer: it fits in the hand, but holds the ingredients of the world: a mountain, a heron, a waterfall, a philosopher ...

The carton has an infinite number of ways to resist tearing, to yield to it if necessary, to heal wounds, to finally sing this undulations partition that looks suspiciously like a modern musical score.

Cardboard is a world where everyone recognizes." Christian Renonciat

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