Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Juliette Durizon

French designer Juliette Durizon working in partnership with Kebony and collaboratively with professional and amateur beekeepers has applied her design skills to the problems involved in contemporary bee keeping with this Scots pine hive.
" The octagonal Eustachian approximates that of hollow tree trunk for home elected by bees in the wild. signify the presence of the life of a colony and provide valuable habitat discreetly bee dimension Visuals Eustachian aims. For this, a glass bubble crown and replaces the usual concrete blocks placed on the roof of conventional hives not that it flies away. Eustache also offers the beekeeper sensory approach to life and his colony allows him to establish a special relationship with it. Two blown glass objects used to feel and listen to the colony without opening the hive and disrupting its internal life." Juliette Durizon

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