Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Rudie van den Berg

Rudie van den Berg's sculpture is often about decay and erosion, these pieces have a beautiful frailty about them that would be amazing to capture in a functional piece of furniture, but this is exactly what Rudie is questioning and highlighting in his work, functionality.

"Many things including objects from our environment have a theoretically obvious clear allotted function. Their appearance may change, but the core or the essence of the functionality will remain intact with changing appearances and retain their target.
I examine and change the core or the functioning of the skeletons utensils to me / us. By choosing to give back to the objects to fall, break or collapse the objects are searching for their own identity, meaning and use. The objects must create new conditions in the defined frameworks because they now have a doubt in it.
This will make myself and the spectator faced with finding a new relationship to the object and become our own urge to function exposed."
Rudie van den Berg

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