Sunday, 21 December 2014

Ko Verzuu

Ko Verzuu (1901-1971) was a Dutch toy designer inspired by De Stijl and Rietveld, he was also the father of eleven children. He and his team at ADO speelgood made fantastic colorful wooden toys and children's furniture in the 1930′s-1950′s. 

Ko Verzuu’s was very different to most toy companies as most of the workers were patients in the TB sanatorium, Berg and Bosch and Ko was the head of men's work therapy.

The workshop was opened as part of a program designed to help patients transition from the sanatorium back into society and these beautiful handmade toys and furnishings made from painted plywood were the result. The designs are so simple and colours so pleasing it is easy to imagine making full sized furniture in similar designs being a great success to.

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