Sunday, 7 December 2014


Oak was a collaboration activity between the 18 students from the BA and MA programs at Lund University School of Industrial Design. Jonas Lindvall led the workshop, encouraging the students to explore the archetypes and stereotypes of furniture and to consider the origins of furniture, the philosophical and sociological aspects and the way a piece of furniture functions in a room how it relates to other pieces of furniture and the interior space.

The participants were Amanda Österlin La Mont, DeeDee Kim, Elin Stavenow, Filip von Hauswolff, Gregory Hayter, Hanna Johansson, Jesper Nord, Karl Jönsson, Karl-Otto Saarman, Matthijs Braakman, Moses Kang, Mirko Ihrig, Olli Hirvonen, Patrik Eriksson, Piotr Szpryngwald, Rami Santala, Sandra Lundberg, Wang Huilong, though no name is attributed to individual pieces of furniture.

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