Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Marco Manders

Love the award-winning design of these chairs by Dutch designer Marco Manders . These chairs close up when no one is sitting on them which keeps them clean and dry fro the next person. (thank you) Marco has extended the design into a slimline lighter version and into waste bins.

 "It is a perfect combination of design, ergonomics and sustainability with a huge fun factor! The Tulpi®-seat automatically folds when its occupant gets up, guaranteeing a clean and dry seat for the next user! With full 360 degree rotation, the Tulpi®-seat lets you pick your own view!Everyone knows tulips. They are the jewels among our flowers, a great joy to many of us. A typical Dutch icon. They are a great inspiration to many artists and designers, including me. And I want to sit on a clean and dry seat in the public space. Because of this interesting feature, the design prevents the Tulpi from being exposed to outside elements like rain, bird droppings or leaves." Marco Manders 

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