Wednesday, 25 May 2016

April Black

"After volunteering to work with “Greenbuds”, a mental health program based in Dundee, I was hugely inspired by the positive impact that time spent in nature can have on mental wellbeing. As a result of this experience I wanted to explore the sentimental attachment to found objects and the connotations these objects can have for the individual. I aim to translate the feeling of calm and peace that the outdoors gives these participants by creating vessels to hold their found objects, creating a visual reminder of a time where they felt at ease. The vessels are created in wood as it is more sympathetic to the natural environment and I have incorporated precious metals to highlight the importance of these objects for the user. I am exploring how a sensory element to the pieces can heighten the connection for the user to the outdoor space." April Black

April Black has just graduated in Jewelry Design from Duncan and Jordanstone College of Art and Design. Her graduation collection was a series of turned vessels with either the natural grain and patina of the wood, pyrographed or laser etched designs.

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