Sunday, 27 January 2019

K Studio

K-Studio makes these recycled cabinets which are interesting in terms of anthropomorphism to me, as they either look like they are half dressed for a party or that they are returning to the wild from whence they came. Either way, I think they are both fascinating and beguiling. Thank you

"It gives me a lot of pleasure to completely renovate and restore this furniture, which has been discarded after years of loyal service and ended up in a deplorable state. I am absolutely not interested in the value of the oak, the inlaid veneer or the copper fittings, but the history that they carry with them. They have already spent several lives there and you can see that.
I like to use a variety of techniques, to play with the application of materials in a free manner and to find the tension between dreams and reality every time." Kien Hertoghs

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