Saturday, 12 February 2011

Stick Charts

A collaboration between architect Timothy Koelle and Paulino a Mayan weaver has meant the re-discovery or appropriation of an ancient tool of sketching and planning, the stick chart.
"Stick charts were 18th and 19th century navigational charts used in the Marshal Islands. They were woven, abstract constructions of coconut fronds, documenting ocean swells, counter swells, currents, and even (some say clouds, bird paths, flotsam and the navigator's particular requirements. In essence, it is a map of the makers own world." Timothy Koelle
These have a simplicity and a poetry about them, they speak volumes.


  1. *** pour vous Hazel. ça m'intéresse beaucoup.

  2. Thank you for the notice.
    Esteemed company indeed.
    For more information, and more work-
    Tim Koelle

  3. Thank you Tim for the extra links. Best wishes