Monday, 27 August 2012

Nakadia Project by Smile Park

"The 20th-century economic model based on the mass production and mass consumption system has been proven to be unsustainable. The human society at the beginning of the 21st century is demanding a change in direction. The prevailing desire for sustainable development urges the creation of a new cyclical society. Diverse problems of resources and energy, environmental pollution by waste, deteriorating tourist resources, loss of local flavors due to the standardisation of cities, administrative decentralisation, low fertility and population ageing, education, highly computerised society and so on are before us pressing us to find solutions.

Designers have made a major contribution to the 20th-century- type development. However, now, we must return to the starting line with the realisation that we should promote humanism and direct our passion to building a sustainable society and creating the culture to support such a society. We established the Japan Design Association as a non-profit making movement to help solve the above problems with the power of design and to promote the building of a beautiful and emotionally rich cyclical society. We cordially invite like-minded persons to join us.

Japan Design Association

This upcyclied office chair design is by Japan's Smile Park a collaborative design company founded by Shunsuke Kosaka and Satoshi Sugie. (thanks)

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