Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tõnis Kalve & Ahti Grünberg

Two Estonian Designers Tõnis Kalve & Ahti Grünberg, have created a stylish  brand and range of furniture called 'Derelict' created from industrial scrap wood and clean industrial style metal. The combination of lived in wood and the clean lines of the metal creates an distinct look, combine with great design and craftsmanship and you have a success story.

"The Derelict concept is to transform imperfections of wood into highlights of the product, bringing out the textural beauty and colour nuances. The unique manufacturing process involves cleaning the recovered wood and bonding and calibrating it to the right size to achieve the envisioned look. While the designs follow a consistent idiom, each crafted item has a unique character depending on the used material.
Furthermore, each item of furniture has its own story to tell. Made of wood from an old camper’s house in the deep Baltic forests or the decaying 1920’s Tallinn Hippodrome – every piece created is catchy and meaningful." Derelict

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