Thursday, 12 March 2015

Mth Woodworks

Resin and wood combinations from the Bloom Collection by Mth Woodworks  which was established in 2010 by Michael Thomas Host.
The smooth white resin contrasting and amplifying the beauty of the natural timber used, each piece is unique, celebrating the unique qualities of the wood used.
'Since the inception of mth woodworks in 2010, Michael has managed to encapsulate the essence of raw material and create an environment where the history of such is showcased in his stunning bloom collection. In both residential and commercial applications, the furniture/art he creates brings a physical sense of history into the home by showcasing the annual growth rings of our trees. These techniques have created a refreshed sense of timeline and offer clients the ability to put natural history on display - creating conversation, community and keeping a focus on ecological sustainability.' Mth Woodworks 

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