Thursday, 30 November 2017

Hayoung Lee

These are part of a series of stools called 'Strata' designed by Hayoung Lee, created using reclaimed materials and flexible polyurethane foam. The stools have a diagonally concave top to gently support the body. Strata were inspired by geological forms.

"Each stool has a soft and squishy top, as well as an individual bottom with unique ingredients in stratum. In view of my belief in furniture ‘Alive’— "My furniture is an avatar of me. It records my traces and memories”— the layers of materials were collected from my surroundings, such as used clothes from the wardrobe, studio disposals, and kitchen materials. ‘Everyday objects’ that we use and discard everyday record every moment of our lives that also allow us to track our lives. Therefore these collected materials are subject to being upcycled in a greater use of furniture by piling up like the strata, an index of the history of nature." Hayoung Lee

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