Friday, 6 April 2018

Sanna Lindholm I

A wonderful project by Sanna Lindholm exploring the properties and possibilities of birch bark. 
"The entrance was to get to know the birch bark´s opportunities and get in to the different techniques. I wanted to challenge my own beliefs about the material culture and traditions of birch bark craft.Birch bark is a material that for me carry a wealth of information, memories of meetings with braided birch-bark baskets filled with dried flowers. I have met birch bark in homes in the form of sugar bowls, cones on the Christmas tree, wrapped cans and wicker baskets. I started from the those meetings, the home and the container. And by making these objects and imitating traditional birchbark techniques I have explored and reflected on factors such as authenticity and value as well as the aesthetic and utility aspects found in birch bark handicrafts."

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