Sunday, 9 September 2018

Angela Cockayne

Angela Cockayne creates sculptures using found objects often feathers, skeletons, found waste from the natural world. In these two sculptures she has used porcupine quills which porcupines shed and the quills of a roadkill hedgehog. Having once suggested to students that porcupine quills would be an interesting feature if inserted into wood for furniture. Unfortunately no-one ever took me up on this challenge so it was lovely to see artist Angela Cockayne using these materials in a creative way.

"‘Hedge Log’ and ‘Porc u Pine’. Logs bored by worm with Montana roadkill quills and hedgehog spines. The #sixthmassextinction has begun due to our anthropogenic dominion. Animal populations across the planet have decreased by 80% since 1900." Angela Cockayne

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