Sunday, 17 October 2021

Alice Dudgeon

Billow (above) by Alice Dudgeon, made from Scottish sycamore. I remember Alice's degree show her work has a calm tranquility about it almost like the old agricultural tools she is inspired by that lay fallow through much of the year waiting to fit into the jigsaw puzzle of pre-industrial agricultural life, which had a human pace and connection now long gone. Alice's work is currently being exhibited at the Tatha Gallery Newport on Tay as part of their exhibition Surge (9th Oct- 6th Nov 2021).

Above: Winnowing
"My work is characterised by intricate, wooden structures. I’m fascinated by the tools and processes adopted in agricultural practices and the elemental experience of working directly with the land. In response, I work each element meticulously selecting labour-intensive, repetitive processes, celebrating the irregularity of material whilst evidencing the hand. The resulting sculptural vessels are a multitude of parts held in a rhythmic whole, punctuated by visual motifs, light and substance held in tension. My intention is to draw the eye and mind to look again at the familiar yet, so often unregarded natural landscape that surrounds us, and encourage contemplation." Alice Dudgeon

 Above: Plough, Below: Avodah

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