Friday, 27 September 2013

Godspeed Furniture I

Crazy shanti town upcycled furniture from Godspeed studio,This is their trashcollection a collection that uses rubbish and decay asits inspiration.

"In Tel Aviv, where we met, we found ourselves challenged by the appearance of the raw city.
Coming from Sweden and Holland, both countries with similar traditions and us sharing similar backgrounds, we’ve found a great source of inspiration in the torn down city around us.
This what was later to be developed into what we call “Designing Decay”.

A tribute to the zeitgeist, embedded within the design, instead of constantly trying to erase the traces of usage.

Being in the middle of an ongoing process as we are, the ugly has become the beautiful and wrong has become right. Useless is now useful and worthless became valuable."
Finn Ahlgren and Joy van Erven

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