Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Ecologica Malibu

Mariana Schechter who with a degree in design from Panamericana Art and Design School and a passion for the environment and hand crafted artistry founded the collective Ecologica Malibu.
This close knit collective works like a family to create and sell beautiful hand crafted upcycled pieces of furniture.
"I wanted to fuse my beliefs about sustainability, nature and the environment with the individuality of humanity. That’s how my business was born. Every piece of my furniture tells a story, has a history, and is as unique as every person who walks the earth."

" There is something personal and unique that occurs when you craft something with your hands. So many designers and craftspeople eventually mass produce their products. Mass production makes it easier to sustain bigger profit margins, but it takes away from the individuality of each item."
Mariana Schechter

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