Sunday, 5 October 2014

Mark Perry

Mark Perry is an avid antiques collector specialising in American folk art this has fed his interest and skills in creating folk art himself.

"Out of a passion for folk art sculpture, antiques and a respect for the woodcarvers and artisans who made them, I began carving my own original and reproduction 18th and 19th century folk art sculpture. My aim is to create the finest contemporary folk art sculpture in the traditional style, and with the spirit of, the best folk art masterpieces." Mark Perry


  1. Your fish carvings are absolutely stunning! I love the proportions you captured in the first picture and the attention to detail seen throughout. I started carving hiking sticks with an attempt at a wood spirit above the handle some 15 years ago. I recently joined and finished a beginners carving class, North Arkansas Wood Carvers. If your not opposed, I would like to try and copy the first fish for my son, a fisheries biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation. Many thanks and keep carving!