Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dylan Pym

Dylan Pym's chests and cabinets have great character with their curvatus forms they almost remind me of people. Dylan uses hardwood sourced locally near his Suffolk workshop.
"My particular passion lies in the age old art of steam bending. I feel it gives my work a unique, organic, flowing quality. I have experimented with this process, developed and perfected it, enabling me to steam bend whole planks of wood. I find it fascinating, and have been able to incorporate it into my designs." Dylan Pym
Inspired to make furniture after the storm of 1989 Dylan sought an apprenticeship, but being unsuccessful in this then when to a local college where he struggled due to dyslexia. He set up his own business that uses only storm damaged and locally felled trees and has an annual hardwood tree planting programme.
Dylan started using steam bending techniques about ten years ago and states that once you start using curved wood the use of machinery becomes superfluous he prefers to work using hand tools it is more natural and intune with the timber.

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