Thursday, 19 February 2015

Marc Haldemann

Marc Halderman has explored through design ideas about what makes us keep and love a piece of furniture. In Marcs designs it is the patina of use that is designed into the pieces. Often in this consumer driven society everything needs to be new, characterless and have a visual cleanness that means that physical wear of objects means they are dismissed.
'Youth' culture is not only effecting people but also the objects we use daily.
Furniture that would have been as much a member of the family in past generations as a member of the family because it would have been too expensive and valued to be cast away.
Marc Haldemann tries through his designs to increase the emotional bond between the user and a piece of furniture.
"The project "forever yours" deals with the topic of emotional longevity in furniture design. In current design the discourse of sustainability is playing an important role. The issue of sustainability has many different facets as resource and energy efficient production as well as distribution of products and material recycling. In western world the emotional lifetime of a product is most often substantially less than its technical durability: Things are disposed of because they no longer have any emotional value although they would still work properly. The question of which design is able to contribute creating an emotional bond between user and product to encourage longevity is the main focus of the "forever yours” project. The results are three different types of seating furniture with each of them using a different strategy to improve a long lasting bond. The strategies are related to identity, individuality and interaction of products. The implementation of these strategies results in a wooden stool that uses material inherent imperfections to achieve its own individual identity, a leather stool‘s surface develops an individual appearance as time goes by and a wooden chair creates a relationship with its user by playful interaction." Marc Haldemann

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