Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Studio Dewi Van De Klomp

Studio Dewi Van De Klomp has developed a range of cabinets that are soft, flumpy, relaxed and very human in their demeanor leaning against walls and buckling under their load. They are made from rubber foam and often have long weak legs that are strong enough to hold your possessions comfortably among their folds.
"Soft Cabinets is a collection of cupboards made of various types of foam rubber. They arose from research into materials. Foam rubber is a familiar and in my view undervalued material. In Soft Cabinets, I want to refocus attention on the material through an unusual application. I show foam rubber in its pure form, with no covering, and embrace the changes that will take place in the material over time and with use." Dewi Van de Klomp

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