Thursday, 11 February 2016


Incredibly stylish furniture designed by Ukranian studio Ryntovt , uses the beauty of the timber with stunning, minimalistic, functional design.
"The beauty of exploded bud, respect from life to life, the soul of the place, the wisdom of the forest, love of the earth – these are the basis of our work, our relations with nature and world. The fundamental concept is to walk on the Earth whispering. Ecodesign means ecothought, ecolife, ecolove, everything that is united under the name of the “holistic”. Holistic thinking, ethical penitence, seeing the entire world.We are the part of one live entity, and we should respect and love it appropriately, this is entire system, spirit and materiality are bounded together, part reflects the whole and there the human being is a part of the world with each molecule. Our creativity is based on this philosophy, sense of our work and attitude to it. 15 –years experience allows affirming – this ideology is future. Wish to spend the present day in the feeling of full consciousness allows to enlarge the edges of apperception and action.Each object is full of spirit, based on the culture of manufacturing, respect to nature, gratitude to the material, which gives us the possibility to implement senses, which are so important for us. The object which is the result of our creativity, first of all is a storage of ecoculture and spirituality. We thank to all who accept and share our principles, our attitude and respect to this fascinated world, where everything is interrelated and any action leaves its peculiar trace." Ryntovt Studios

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