Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Avi Fedida

Sand paper is usually used by furniture makers to remove not to add material but designer Avi Fedida has turned this on its head with his collection Grit. Where sand paper is used as decoration and embedded in his finely crafted pieces.

"The inspiration for the “Grit” furniture series came from the love to materials that constantly develop a unique character of their own with the effect of time and wear. Designing my furnitures, I decided to use sand paper as the main component through intervening in the process of attrition, where the sand paper practically becomes a kind of canvas. The project introduces innovation in terms of materials and techniques that create texture by grinding a rich variety of wood on the paper. The sand paper is integrated within white oak constructions, which is built in fine craft carpentry and remained as exposed as possible". Avi Fedida

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