Thursday, 9 March 2017

Gareth Neal with Zaha Hadid

In 2014 before her death, Architect Zaha Hadid and British Designer Gareth Neal collaborated to create two sculptural wooden vessels from oak, challenging the idea of 'the hand made' by using technological innovation and traditional woodworking skills and combining design disciplines of architecture and furniture design.
"I was keen to take advantage of the hadid studio’s advance computer modeling software, pushing the boundaries of digital tools. I was particularly interested in the idiosyncrasies of traditional hand processes such as a hand thrown pot, or a raised piece of silverware and how simulating these could be achieved through digital imitation. through using the traditional vessel form as a starting point and subverting its appearance to dramatic extremes, mimicking traditional carving technique i hope the pieces will embed the design with a sense of the handmade through the arm of a robot, questioning the viewer’s perceptions of craft and the handmade." Gareth Neal.

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