Saturday, 9 March 2013

Roderick Vos

"A good product design should be a memorable process for the designer and meaningful for its user. Good design should be self explanatory."

"I like the idea/theory of ‘evolution’ in products: ‘does a product have the right to ‘live’ and be produced”.
In my workshop and create real 3D sized prototypes. I love craft, and at the same time innovative industrial techniques, This is the trademark of my work.
This method broadens my imaginary view on ‘design’, and the knowledge I gain this way, is quite an advantage to me personally, and my products!" Roderick Vos

This is a range of small tables designed by Roderick Vos in lovely chunky oiled oak with dove tail joints. Strangely complex when you see the different tables all together, like hieroglyphics, or when stacked like a totem, but each individually a honest beautifully crafted piece of functional furniture. (thank you)

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