Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Michael Kukla

Michael Kukla  sculpts plywood so that it looks like eroded sandstone.
"Long before I became an artist, I studied geology; for me, the earth isn't simply an obdurate rock floating in space, but a living force, ever in motion. Likewise, I ask myself in my artwork: can a sculpture become something dynamic - can it achieve a fluidity of shape, form, structure? I've spent a lot of time at the ocean shore thinking about how - after thousands, sometimes millions of years - water can transform stone, leaving cavities, crevasses, caves. I greatly compress that passage of time and 'touch' in my work, opening up lattice-like portals and interconnecting, near-intestinal webs where previously was only solid geometry. Artistically, I take on the role of a kind of quiet, unseen, inexorable force. I wonder at the nature of things even as I change them." Michael Kukla

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