Saturday, 4 April 2015

Miguel Angel Blanco

For the love of nature, Miguel Angel Blanco's 'Library of the Forest' is a delicious appreciation of nature and its wonder. Miguel's findings, collections and interpretations make you appreciate even the possibility of the pine cone as not only a profound beauty, but as a component for design.

"My work, all of which arises from this participation, is not explanatory: 
It is a constantly growing compilation of discoveries, of revelations, of invocations, of spells, of ritual ceremonies, kept ALIVE in the box-books that make up my Forest’s Library. Even though I have made different kinds of drawings, sculptures and engravings, I deem the Library my most important creation. It was begun in winter, 1985, and is nowadays made up of 1.078 box-books. I will probably continue working on it for many years.The Library as sculpturing life project, a work open to nature’s vastness, carried out with the same slowness and steadiness with which a tree grows, a symbiosis between the right angle and the biologic form. I share with oriental art the wish to achieve an organic composition, in which fullness represents substance and emptiness the circulation of vital breaths, joining in this way the finite and the infinite, like creation itself. Maybe the goal of the work could be to understand the universe’s secret language, to create a great mystery from the starting point of a piece of fern or a drop of resin. To be an echo of the ephemeral. To establish communication with the universe and receive an answer from it."  Miguel Ángel Blanco

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