Saturday, 12 March 2011

John Makepeace

Above: Phoenix, Below: Flow

John Makepeace has had a long and distinguished career as a furniture maker, his work yields to the quality of the wood whilst embracing contemporary design. John has seven imperative values and ethics

Honesty of design and construction.

Respect for materials/ use of indigenous timbers.

Espousing science and technology to develop new possibilities.

Application of material science to enable the properties of each to compliment the others.

Making objects of your own time for current and future generations.

Doing simple things well as a basis for continuous learning and growth.

Giving craftspeople the opportunity to excel, so building competence and confidence.

"It has become increasingly apparent, from seeing the work of thousands of design graduates, that the quality of their ideas is hampered by an inadequate understanding of materials and processes. Practical, hands-on experience of materials can stimulate the more abstract ability to generate exciting concepts. the two are mutually beneficial." John Makepeace.

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